Surrey Hills Physiotherapy Ltd

Yoga & Spinal Health (2-hour workshop)
with Holly Cleanthi

November 27 (Saturday)
at 15:00

Class length
120 minutes

Class type
Yoga Workshop

spots left
Class description: We do lots of movement with the Spine in Yoga - so I thought it could be worthwhile and interesting to take some time to understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it. The most obvious movements are backbends, forward folds, and twists...

When I teach backbends in our classes, I am seeking to inspire openness and space in the heart and across the front of the chest and shoulders. These are areas which tend to store tightness, in a world that we spend a lot of time constantly hunched forwards.... think about the position we are in when we drive, write, type at a desk, etc.

In my classes we explore many different ways of back-bending safely but within a vinyasa class it can be difficult to get down to all the details and I would love to break this down with you.

In this workshop we will be exploring the anatomy of safe and even curves in the spine including stabilizing techniques. We will also take a look at the movement of twisting the spine, and forward folding, to understand better the how to keep the spine healthy and safe during yoga, and, well life.

There will be some prescriptive physiology, however, of course, it’s not a one size fits all. Our body loves a perfect balance of strength and flexibility and that mix will look ever so slightly different for each and every unique body, due to our unique anatomy as well as lifestyles.

There will be a mix of discussion and moving our bodies. At the end of the session we will take a 15 minute full body relaxation meditation and there will be time for you to ask any questions throughout the session, and again at the end.

Date: Saturday 27th November 2021

Cost: £50

Class location: The Barn, Denbies Wine Estate, Bradley Lane, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6AA.

Class instructions: 
  • We have mats and props available for you to use in “The Studio”. You’re very welcome to bring your own mat and props with you if you prefer. 
  • Please bring a water bottle and towel with you to class.
  • Please arrive in your exercise wear ready for the class.
  • Whilst no longer mandatory, we still have hand sanitiser available for your use.
  • Whilst masks are no longer required you are more than welcome to wear one as you enter and leave “The Studio”.
  • Shoes are not permitted to be worn in “The Studio”.
  • If taking your phone into 'The Studio', please have this set to silent. 


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