Surrey Hills Physiotherapy Ltd

Yin & Tonic (2-hour workshop)
with Amanda Wass

December 4 (Saturday)
at 15:00

Class length
120 minutes

Class type
Yoga Workshop

spots left
Class description: Calm the body, soothe the mind & quieten the breath...or is it, calm the breath, soothe the body & quieten the mind? Either way, we'll be getting to such a deep state of relaxation & tranquillity, we won't even know what time it is, let alone give thought to anything else. 

Let go of expectations, let go of the daily distractions & allow Amanda to guide you into a very deep & slow moving yin inspired class, designed carefully to thoroughly nourish and calm the mind, body & soul. 

You'll be peeling back the layers. Falling deeper (& deeper) into a sense of utter peace as you gently deepen into stretches & embrace the energetic benefits. 

Everything else can wait. Everything can just be popped on pause, for a moment. Slowing down is the yin to the yang and we all know that we need balance in life. 

So, if you're feeling in real need of slowing down & want to invite that deeper sense of connectivity into your body & breath, then look no further. 

There's no need to be a total zen yogi or feel like you need to fit a mould; this workshop is for everyone. Embrace the present & bring all that you are to class. There is no pressure, no rules, no 'not good enoughs'.  ...& maybe bring a sleeping bag and Pj's because it's going to be oh! So relaxing. 

Please do bring: A blanket or snuggly jumper, (& an eye mask & fluffy socks - also a great shout)

Date: Saturday 4th December 2021


Class location: The Barn, Denbies Wine Estate, Bradley Lane, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6AA.

Class instructions: 
  • We have mats and props available for you to use in “The Studio”. You’re very welcome to bring your own mat and props with you if you prefer. 
  • Please bring a blanket or jumper (plus an eye mask and socks if you prefer).
  • Please bring a water bottle and towel with you to class.
  • Please arrive in your exercise wear ready for the class.
  • Whilst no longer mandatory, we still have hand sanitiser available for your use.
  • Whilst masks are no longer required you are more than welcome to wear one as you enter and leave “The Studio”.
  • Shoes are not permitted to be worn in “The Studio”.
  • If taking your phone into 'The Studio', please have this set to silent. 


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